Poetry book: “Life!”

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They wrote about me… (2015 – 2017)

Giuseppe Piluso – book title: “Life!”

I love reading poetry. All poetry. Because in every poem, in every poet, I always find something that increases my experience and love for reading. And the taste, to try to understand who the poet is, what he wants to tell us, what is the final purpose of his poetic composition, I find it effective and able to raise individual awareness in improving that is in every human being.

For me, there is no such thing as a beautiful or ugly poem: there is poetry that is realized through a phase of individual construction, extremely subjective, where a concept, an experience, an emotional moment, a particular situation, sometimes even a wish to play with feelings, universalizing them, are conceived and expressed. Consequently every Poet has something to say to himself, first of all, and then to others.

To analyze a book, I personally prefer to focus on some aspects that seem to me to be the most relevant for saying and commenting that we are dealing with a poem and a poet: first of all the form. Then the content. Finally what a certain book told and left to me. In the specific case “Life!” by Giuseppe Piluso.

I am convinced that Giuseppe Piluso writes poems first of all for himself: to fix a moment of his life, a feeling, an event, an emotion. A historical phase that he considers decisive in his life path, past, present and, perhaps, even future. But having published the book, he certainly realized that his ideas, his poems, his moods could interest and involve the world and the people around him.

FORM The form in Giuseppe Piluso’s book is simple. The verse is loose. And, in some poems, it becomes a bit prosaic. Certainly every poet has his style. Let’s remember that poetry is always the purest and most immediate fundamental principle, the essence itself, of freedom of expression. And in “Life!” the form is always different, I would say almost ethereal but never an end in itself. As if the poet took carefully pleasure in not being hinged in rhythm, and in the typical metrics of poetic compositions. But, reciting some poems aloud, I realized that the flowing of the verse is, often, pressing and is capable of creating almost theatrical atmospheres where the protagonist dominates every scene. Beautiful. Really beautiful!

CONTENT For me, “Life” is, above all, the story, even a troubled one, of a soul that struggles to appropriate its identity in an ideal cultural path. It is normal to come across, over the years, in delicate, apparently less encouraging moments that weigh the existence down but, Giuseppe Piluso, with extreme determination, pursues the results that he considers most pertinent to his will of man and intellectual. There is strength in Giuseppe Piluso and there is a fighting spirit that never bends to the will of others and to the adversities that stand between ideal and reality. Indeed, he wants to prove, first of all to himself that he will never yield to adverse destiny and that, instead, he will always fight for the goals that gratify him and that make him proud as a man. A sensitive soul that, with purity and tact, knows how to stand as an insurmountable bastion against any danger that is presented to it.

WHAT HAS IT LEFT ME A sense of peace. Of inner peace. Of external peace. It made me rethink that man has always been used to fighting against everything and everyone and Giuseppe Piluso has the potential to fill any moment of his life with exciting content. And the other aspect that struck me in reading his poems is his purity of feeling that exudes from his every word, a universal purity that it would be appropriate for each of us to apply to his own life path.

Congratulations and ad maiora

Luigi De Rose


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