Poetry book: “Life!”

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They wrote about me… (2015 – 2017)

Giuseppe Piluso – Book title: “Life!”

Among the poems by Giuseppe Piluso included in the Vita anthology, published by Nuova Santelli Edizioni, I find interesting and worthy of analysis and reflection, among others, this: Gentil February 14th because it is highly topical and full of meanings.

Gentle 14th February

Gentle World, come down in

The Square. With that half that

It does not hurt you, it does not kill,

that does not tear the intimate and the heart.


Go down in the streets, whole world to shout,

“Respect” and … Viva to life!

Rende, Thursday 04/02/2015, 11:13

PS: In honour of woman, against violence against women and the mutual respect, between Woman and Man. No more violence!

The 14th February is the recognized, celebrated and felt Valentine’s Day, as we know, the feast of lovers, so it is the Festival of Love but Giuseppe Piluso, instead, uses this important date for many people to deal with the issue of violence on women, feminicides, sex disparities, physical and psychological abuses.

Perhaps the ancestral legacy of the inferiority of the woman compared to man is not a completely defined path, in some Countries woman still has a role submissive to man, almost like a slave to the absolute service of the dominant male but, in some people of the Western world, unfortunately, this distorted relationship between man and woman comes out in a violent way, not recognizing equal rights and mutual respect. An aberration.

As a man, the Poet proves to possess an uncommon sensitivity towards this problem, openly siding with the defenseless, mistreated Women killed by their life companions. And he shouts, with all the strength he possesses, “Respect and Life” for every Woman.

It is in this sentence, conceptually, the power of Giuseppe Piluso’s poetry: mutual respect for every human being and the right to life of each of us.

It is not easy, in just fourteen lines, to find linguistically the perfect synthesis to start and end the discussion in all its scope and in its infinite facets in such a clear and unambiguous way.

Giuseppe Piluso is a poet. Without adjectives. Thick.

Francesca Nicoletti


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