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They wrote about me… (2015 – 2017)

Giuseppe Piluso – Book Title: “Life!”

I had the opportunity to read with particular interest the Joseph Piluso’s anthology entitled Life and published by the historic Calabrian publishing house Nuova Santelli known for its particular attention to historical-social issues and innovative didactics.

Notoriously, poets express their ideas through introspective journeys where they reveal their soul by sharing with their readers personal emotions and sensitivities and universalizing their inner experience. Giuseppe Piluso is not an introspective poet.

Many poets tell their affective sphere by looking at the positive aspects of life and loves, those with a capital A, reaching high quality peaks. Love in its purest meaning that becomes a driving force for common living always fixing the ideal to everyday reality. Giuseppe Piluso is not an emotional poet.

Huge are the examples of poetic literature that is told through the descriptive phase of events, acute observers of the surrounding world, in which they see the events, focus the episode in their memory and make it plastically revive, usable for lovers of poetry. Giuseppe Piluso is not a descriptive poet.

Poets often use the social to make a change in human behaviours not always governed by the common sense of morality, imagining an intellectual improvement and seeking a better lifestyle. Giuseppe Piluso is not a social poet.

So much history of poetry has turned its gaze to religion, so many poets have looked to the sacred to give a decisive turn to human actions, so often wicked. The elevation to the divine thus served to inspire the purest feelings of the human soul and to guarantee ideal continuity to human beings. Giuseppe Piluso is not a sacred poet.

The poet Giuseppe Piluso reminds me, instead, of the great tradition of nineteenth-century French poetry, which gave so much to world literature, and which looked at reality, assimilated it, crystallized it, photographing images to be delivered to the future with rich contents of universal and perennials ideas.

That is, Giuseppe Piluso is a poet, pure in content and in the lexical search for the appropriate term. Apparently simple but clear, clean.

I enjoyed reading “Life!”, a useful book for those who want to experience pure and crystalline feelings. A true poet loaded with ideas. Where reason is the guiding star in any path or project to be undertaken.

Emilia Bruno,

Retired school manager


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