Book Review: “Recomposed fragments” – Emilia Rosati

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have read this book about 4 times, and I have been conquered from the first pages, but let’s go by order; the book: “Fragments recomposed”, with the subtitle: “history of love and justice”, by Emilia Rosati, is a book that makes us reflect not so much on the condition of the protagonist’s life, but on the condition of the reader who finds himself reading it, these 130 pages were like a heavy Kafchian axe on the frozen sea; and it was, “like that something..” that you can’t read and proceed, but you have to stop to think; and reflect, About what: for those who believe they call him God, for those who do not believe they call it randomness; anyway luck has had, to have a family of its own, or to be: “Blood of those who raised you”. There is a saying “Not who give birth to you but who grows you up, you will call mom and dad!” For some it was, or it is so. This book deals with the issue of adoptions, starting, not “from the outside”, but “from the inside” of the question; giving very strong points of reflection and encouraging you to think, with the protagonist who fights, to recompose and complete her puzzle, searching for the piece, the one most important of all. From a technical point of view the reading is fluid thanks to a comprehensible and linear language, the preface, by Tiziano Scarpa, is very beautiful because with a small psychological and visual game, that is a stone fallen into the water, and the circles it produces on the crest of the water itself, immediately introduces the theme treating it as it should be treated, that is with great delicacy!

It was a great pleasure to read the book: ” Recomposed fragments ” by Emilia Rosati, and I recommend reading it to everyone, especially to young people.
With the hope of reading and reviewing her next literary work, I wish the author of this beautiful book so much Luck! Ad maiora semper!

Giuseppe Piluso


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