Book Review: “Diary of a bipolar mind” – Tiziana Iemmolo

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Book Review: “Diary of a bipolar mind” – Tiziana Iemmolo

The story of which Tiziana Iemmolo is the authoress: “diary of a bipolar mind”, Edizioni Pluriversum; describes the story of a woman, the story of a fighter.

At first glance, reading the title, I expected an intense and not very easy book, but I must say that I was taken by surprise, because the topic is not easy to deal with, nor to explain to those who have not lived it either directly or indirectly .

As usual, when I start a book I also read others up to a 2 or 3 at the same time, fitting them according to my time, but as I read the text, slowly, I immersed myself, both in the subject and in the story; and I was so completely enraptured to ignore the other two I was reading, to devote myself to this book alone.

The authoress, with her high descriptive ability, calibrating the terminology, succeeds in making the reader enter into the deepest feeling of the character; starting from the collapse to end at the hard ascent passing through the winning move of acting! The action is very important in these cases and begins with an unpleasant episode that happened on April 6th 2009, at 03.32, when the protagonist of the book is obliged to react and there is the focal point, what in mathematics and physics it is called the point of no return, in this case positive because after it begins the ascent in the protagonist’s life

In your opinion, will the protagonist be able to regain her life and herself? Rhetorical question; read the book and you will know it!

The preface by the Poet Marino Monti was fundamental for reading the book itself, as it was able to fully grasp the spirit of the text, offering the reader who reads for the first time the book by Tiziana Iemmolo, a clear overview with an emphasis on hope , which, one can find, in not letting oneself be overcome by suffering.

The facts that follow are clear, the reading is fluid. I consider this text, a “book of high value”, especially for the topic dealt with, not simple

Personally I am very happy to have proposed this writer to you: Tiziana Iemmolo and I wish her the best, and I hope to review another of her works, which I hope will be as beautiful as this or more!

Ad Maiora Semper.

Giuseppe Piluso.


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