Book Review: “Recomposed fragments” – Emilia Rosati

Giuseppe Piluso/ June 14, 2020/ I WRITE OF/ 0 comments

FACEBOOK – TWITTER – YOUTUBE – INSTAGRAM I write about… have read this book about 4 times, and I have been conquered from the first pages, but let’s go by order; the book: “Fragments recomposed”, with the subtitle: “history of love and justice”, by Emilia Rosati, is a book that makes us reflect not so much on the condition of the protagonist’s life, but on the

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Review of the Book: “Il Viaggio” (The journey) – Salvatore De Luca

Giuseppe Piluso/ November 1, 2018/ I WRITE OF/ 0 comments

In undertaking the review of the book, the words with which Manzoni begins the ode V maggio (the fifth of May) come to mind: “ EI FU (he was) “ and howthispoemends“ FU VERA GLORIA?” (Wasittrueglory?).The journeystartsat 9.30 AM on a sunnyday, with a crowd of relatives, acquaintances and friends gathered to paytheir last respects and itendsat 19.30,when the authorremains

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